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MGM-Mandalay Deal Has Major Implications

Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription), GA
Thu, Jun 17th, 6:47AM
... Lanni said there were three parcels on the Las Vegas Strip where MGM Mirage might build another hotel-casino. The biggest gambling market in the world is ...
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Australia & New Zealand

Wed, Jun 16th, 12:00AM
... The online digital music rights provider added 160,000 tracks from the Orchard ... annual management contract for its Brisbane and Gold Coast casinos from Park ...
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Miami Herald (subscription), FL
Tue, Jun 8th, 12:00AM
... the horror of his family and friends, automated spambots littered the memorial page with as many as 15 ads a day for cellphone-ring tones and online casinos. ...
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MGM Mirage deal has global implications for gambling, conventions

Naples Daily News, FL
Thu, Jun 17th, 7:47AM
... Lanni said there were three parcels on the Las Vegas Strip where MGM Mirage might build another hotel-casino. The biggest gambling market in the world is ...
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Albany's Session of Scandal

Buffalo News, NY
Sun, Jun 13th, 4:07PM
... Important public policies - casino gambling, for instance - are heavily influenced by the hiring of a few lobbyists with close, personal ties to government ...
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Local Tribes, Governor Reach Gambling Agreement

Thu, Jun 17th, 5:47AM
... If local government doesn't want a new casino in their ... racetracks, which are campaigning for a ballot measure that would allow slot machines in gambling rooms ...
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The Hour

Norwalk Hour, CT
Thu, Jun 17th, 10:47AM
... The Golden Hill Paugussetts have lost their latest battle for tribal recognition, and we hope that halts the process to bring a gambling casino to Bridgeport. ...
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Player wins online jackpot, takes home 1.4m euros in cash

Gambling, United States
Fri, Jun 11th, 12:00AM
Jackpot Madness, which runs a network of online casinos, announced that one of its players, Joaquim M, has broken the online jackpot record, winning an ...
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San Francisco Chronicle, CA
Sat, Jun 12th, 12:00AM
... said Friday that it had decided to stop running advertisements for Internet casinos on its Web site, delivering another blow to the online gambling industry. ...
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Owners Back Rosecroft Sale to Angelos Group

Washington Post
Sun, Jun 13th, 7:28AM
... get slots," said Rep. Albert R. Wynn (D-Md.), who has advocated for casino gambling at National Harbor. "There is a considerable ...
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Skyrocketing popularity is in the cards for poker

Fort Worth Star Telegram (subscription), TX
Sun, Jun 13th, 12:28PM
... Seated across the large room at Binion's Horseshoe Casino was David Williams, who won his way into the tournament by winning a $160 ... Gambling isn't for everyone ...
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MGM Mirage to expand globally

Fort Worth Star Telegram (subscription), TX
Thu, Jun 17th, 12:16PM
... unanimously approved the biggest casino deal in history, Terry Lanni, chairman and CEO of MGM Mirage, put competitors on notice that the gambling giant would ...
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Thailand blocks British gambling sites

Online Casino News
Wed, Jun 16th, 2:47PM
... of Thais to flock to neighboring Cambodia’s casinos near the border to place bets on Euro 2004. Observers believe the new clampdown on online gambling is a ...
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Grand Forks Herald, ND
Thu, Jun 17th, 11:47AM
... has approved MGM Mirage Inc.'s $4.8 billion cash offer to buy the gambling company in a deal that would create the industry's dominant casino operator. ...
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Arnold could have played cards better

Los Angeles Daily News, CA
Sun, Jun 6th, 12:00AM
... Casinos in those states can pay more -- and some do -- but those are the minimums. (For Nevada, you can even go online for a list of gambling hall payouts.) So ...
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Poker Followers Overflow In Vegas
Sat, May 29th, 12:00AM
... casinos," said Larry Klatzkin, a gaming industry analyst at Jefferies & Co. in New York. This year's record World Series field was also generated by online ...
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Spam's assault is going beyond annoying e-mails, MI
Thu, Jun 3rd, 12:00AM
... And automated "spambots" littered the memorial page with as many as 15 ads a day for cell phone ring tones and online casinos, to the horror of his family and ...
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Nation Bids Final Farewell to Reagan

Daily American Online (subscription), PA
Fri, Jun 11th, 12:00AM
... Church bells far and wide were ringing 40 times in honor of the nation's 40th president; Las Vegas casinos planned to dim their lights briefly Friday night. ...
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Casinos looking a sure-fire bet for success

ic, UK
Thu, Jun 3rd, 5:06AM
... Beer and Pubs Association and the Bingo Association, said the casino industry would be the main beneficiary of deregulation, with the UK gambling sector as a ...
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Jackpot Dispute In Mississippi: Should you Stay Online?

Online Casino News
Tue, May 25th, 12:00AM
... Even though the law requires that in disputes of at least $500, Mississippi casinos 'shall immediately notify the executive director,' the suit actually ...
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Vegas and gambling raise the reality stakes

Thu, Jun 3rd, 4:06AM
... Casino" boasts gambling, partying, hustling and the glitter of Las Vegas. At its heart, the 13-episode series has two Internet ...
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Counting Online
Sun, Jun 6th, 12:00AM
Can you count cards online? Don't the online casinos shuffle-up after every hand? Several casinos offer token penetration (penetration ...
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Momentum Builds Toward Casino Deals

ktla 5, United States
Thu, Jun 17th, 11:47AM
... Before entering politics, he promoted a partnership that sought to open a casino in Las Vegas. But he helped turn Indian gambling into an issue by airing TV ...
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National Conference Shines Spotlight on Casino Marketing

Yahoo News (press release)
Wed, Jun 16th, 8:47PM
... and Canada, representing commercial, tribal, local and mega-casinos, are expected at ... View the full lineup and register online at http://www.casinomarketing2004 ...
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Nevada control board OKs gaming merger, MA
Thu, Jun 3rd, 4:06AM
... total of 5,300 rooms. When completed, the merger will result in the fifth-largest gambling company in the country. Coast will be ...
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Internet unknown tops $5 million poker event

WCNC (subscription), NC
Sat, May 29th, 12:00AM
... can get a huge amount of experience in a short time playing online and can ... all in more frequently than players who frequent card rooms or casinos," Glazer said ...
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Gamers handed losing regulation ticket

The Times (subscription), UK
Mon, Jun 14th, 12:00AM
By Times Online and Agencies. ... the plans, Las Vegas-style slot machines offering unlimited prize money will be allowed only in the biggest casinos, with numbers ...
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AngelCiti buys company from investors

Gambling, United States
Fri, Jun 11th, 12:00AM
... AngelCiti is a holding company, which acquires software providers to online casinos. The company is anticipating further growth ...
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Spam's assault now beyond e-mail

Hampton Roads Daily Press, VA
Wed, Jun 2nd, 12:00AM
... And automated "spambots" littered the memorial page with as many as 15 ads a day for cellular-telephone ring tones and online casinos, to the horror of his ...

Internet Unknown Tops $5M Poker Event

BizReport, United States
Mon, May 31st, 12:00AM
... can get a huge amount of experience in a short time playing online and can ... all in more frequently than players who frequent card rooms or casinos," Glazer said ...

Downloading Casino Software

Online Casino Reports
Sun, May 30th, 12:00AM
... becoming an easier and more vivid experience. Most of the best online casinos now offer high quality software as a free download. ...

UK gambling crackdown hits gaming groups

Ireland Online, Ireland
Mon, Jun 14th, 12:00AM
... Under the plans announced today, Las Vegas-style slot machines offering unlimited prize money will now only be allowed in the biggest casinos, with numbers ...

New 'tribes' shopping for casino sites

Los Angeles Daily News, CA
Sun, Jun 13th, 10:28AM
... Vista Band erupted in a battle over control of government -- and thus of casino profits. California is undergoing the biggest legal expansion of gambling in US ...

China to censor imported online games

Online Casino News
Thu, Jun 3rd, 12:06AM
... that the ministry has described as possibly breaking the underlying rules of the constitution include sexual content, violence, gambling and superstition. ...

LodgeNet Adding Lifestyle Programming to On-Demand TV Lineup ...

Yahoo News (press release)
Thu, Jun 10th, 12:00AM
... television systems and broadband services to hotels, resorts and casinos throughout the ... Internet, where on-air programming is complemented with online content. ...

10 Tips For Stretching Your Gambling Dollar
Tue, Jun 8th, 12:00AM
... You can join many online. Membership is free and many casinos give discounts to player’s card holders in their restaurants, gift shops, and for rooms. ...

Laws for Latch Key Kids

Thu, Jun 3rd, 3:06AM
... buy a loaf of bread or whatever and is gone 15-to-20 minutes its completely different from a child being left at home 12 to 15 hours at the gambling casino.". ...

Your lottery prize? Paying us, of course

Independent Online, South Africa
Sat, Jun 5th, 12:00AM
... said the group, which called itself the South African Lottery Affairs Commission, claimed to be the body that regulated and coordinated casinos, gambling and ...

Mandalay Board OKs $4.8B MGM Mirage

Daily American Online (subscription), PA
Wed, Jun 16th, 12:00AM
... The deal must be reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission and gambling regulators in states in which the companies own casinos. ...

Online skill games flourish, skirt ban

Las Vegas Sun, NV
Tue, May 25th, 12:00AM
... Justice Department, Yahoo, Google and MSN last month stopped accepting advertisements from online casino operators ... Nor are their sites lumped in with casinos. ...

Mirage buyout of Mandalay would dominate Vegas Strip, FL
Thu, Jun 17th, 10:47AM
... in a deal that would unite two of the world's biggest gambling companies and ... must persuade regulators to take a gamble on such a behemoth casino combination. ...

Prestige Casino

Online Casino News
Thu, Jun 3rd, 12:00AM
... won awards from some of the most respected sites and magazines in online gambling ... not the bonus plus deposit, which compares well to other casinos’ fine print ...

Vic police watch for casino money-laundering

ABC Online, Australia
Sun, May 30th, 12:00AM
Commissioner Nixon says in the past, evidence has shown that people involved in organised crime launder money at casinos but it is now becoming harder to do so ...

Philweb sees P60M revenue

Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippines
Tue, Jun 1st, 12:00AM
... (Pagcor). Philweb, the country's leading integrated Internet company, earlier signed a deal to operate Pagcor's Internet sports betting and casinos.

Key Outdoors Dates

San Antonio Express (subscription), TX
Sun, Jun 13th, 8:28AM
... Dinner, open bar, silent auction, casino-style gambling and SEA membership. $75. Call Chuck Kirchhof, (210) 669-2989 or visit ...

Macau bets on Las Vegas touch

Asia Times Online, Hong Kong
Tue, May 25th, 12:00AM
... legislation on extending credit and collecting debt, Las Vegas casino moguls are investing more than US$12 billion into a chain of new casinos, hotels and ...